Options for Treatment


Most nonsurgical weight loss programs are based on a combination of diet, behavior modification, and regular exercise. However, published scientific papers report that these methods do not help resolve morbid obesity because they fail to help people maintain weight loss. In fact, more than 95% of people regain the weight they lose within a few years after treatment.


Why diet and exercise alone may not help?

imageSeveral factors can contribute to weight gain. Diet and exercise programs address factors that can be modified, such as lifestyle and behavior. However, because these methods fail to help so many people achieve and maintain a healthier weight, medical scientists are investigating another proven factor: family history.


Their research points to a strong link between our genetic makeup (which we’re born with) and obesity. Other studies have identified substances that act on the brain to signal a need for an increase in food intake.This information may help explain why diet and exercise programs have not worked for you.